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We would like to welcome you to The Marion County Department of Homeland Security & Emergency Management / 911 Center (MCDHSEM/911).

The Marion County 911 Center was established in 1977 under the name of "Marion County Fire Rescue". The dispatch center was located in the basement of the Marion County Rescue Squad on Virginia. At that time we dispatched for Fire and EMS agencies in the County. Then in 1987, the Communications Center was moved to the State Street location, on the East Side of Fairmont, and the name changed to "Marion County Central Communications". With that move, the 911 Center took on the task of dispatching for the different law enforcement agencies within the County. In February 2009, with the completion of the "Gateway Connector Project" from Interstate 79 to Downtown Fairmont, the Communications Center was relocated to its current location on Centerview Drive off of Pleasant Valley Rd. In 2013, the Communications Center went through a restructuring period and the communications center was merged with the emergency management agency and titled "Marion County Department of Homeland Security & Emergency Management/911".

The MCDHSEM currently employs 31 employees. Twenty-nine full-time employees and two part-time employees.

Marion County DHSEM has become a progressive leader in communications initiatives in the State of West Virginia. Marion County was one of the three founding partners of the West Virginia Interoperable Radio System (WVIRP). Marion County had the first police and EMS units in the state fully switched to the WVIRP radio system.

MCDHSEM/911 dispatches for 15 fire agencies:
     Co 1 - Barrackville VFD; Co 2 - Baxter VFD; Co 3 - Bunner Ridge VFD; Co 4 - Fairmont City Fire (3 Stations); Co 6 - Fairview VFD; Co 7 - Farmington VFD; Co 8 - Grant Town VFD; Co 9 - Mannington VFD; Co 10 - Monongah VFD; Co 11 - Rivesville VFD; Co 12 - Valley VFD; Co 13 - Winfield District VFD; Co 14 - Worthington VFD and Co 15 - Boothsville VFD. We also have communication with the Co 17 - Novelis Fire Brigade.

MCDHSEM/911 dispatches for 3 Emergency Medical Agencies:
     Marion County Rescue Squad (Station 20 & Station 25); Grant Town EMS (Station 37); and Jan-Care (Station 16)

MCDHSEM/911 dispatches for 8 Law Enforcement Agencies:
     Marion County Sheriff's Department, Barrackville PD, Fairmont City PD, Fairview PD, Farmington PD, Grant Town PD, Mannington PD, Monongah PD, Rivesville PD and White Hall PD.  We also share dispatch responsibility for the West Virginia State Police, West Virginia Natural Resource Police, and Fairmont State University Campus Police.

Marion County
Department of Homeland Security & Emergency Management 
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